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The New Administration of Aesthetics
Out of Print

The New Administration of Aesthetics is an anthology that continues from the different contributions at the conference with the same name, held in Oslo in April 2006. Like the 
conference, this book pose questions about recent changes in the art institution, and how this affect those involved. New institutional models and organizational methods seem to have the effect of polarisation rather than coherence. The “art institution” understood in singular as an assemblage 
of the artists, curators, art critics, theoreticans, historians and their related museums, galleries and educational institutions, seems no longer to offer an adequate ground for analysis, and has already been replaced by other forms of alliances. Currently, pragmatic, short- or long-term identifications take place in the art scene contrary to old oppositions, something which demands a change in conceptual framework and hermeneutic horizons.

Eds. Tone Hansen and Trude Iversen

Contributors: Gerald Raunig, Stian Grøgaard, Tone Hansen, 
Carey Young, Craig Buckley, Adriana Kuiper, 16 Beaver
Group, Brian Holmes, Maria Lind and Alex Farquharson.

Design by Lina viste Grønli
Torpedo Press 2007

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0191, Oslo


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