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Steinar Haga Kristensen
Retrospective: On the Un-Subjectified Persona

NOK 300,-

Texts by Matias Faldbakken, Gaby Hartel, Elin Seip, Pernille Albrethsen, Kjetil Røed & Leander Odin Djønne
Works by Steinar Haga Kristensen

Torpedo Press 2009

MF: The owl in ”Owl” from 1998 – why does it have a beak
and a mouth?
SH K: Well, the owl was supposed to look desperate and frustrated.
And beaks don’t really express that much emotion. The
eyes of an owl always already have this desperate stare. So in
order to make it look frustrated and desperate I had to …
smudge representation a bit. Tweak reality.
MF: That’s something you have …
SH K: … yes, that’s something I try to focus on. How to make
something that has the aura of desperation – but which is not
necessarily desperate per se – look desperate for real? My
show Brunt og Vanskelig at Galleri Trafo is all about that. How
to make not really desperate, but desperate looking art, look
even more really, really desperate.
MF: Art desperado.
SH K: You can’t blame an owl for being desperate just because
it stares at you with its wild eyes.
MF: Isn’t nature desperate? Just look at those greedy little
animals in the park. Insane. The birds.
SH K: These are desperate times. But do we recognize them as
MF: No?
SH K: The early paintings you could say … is the First Blood of
my artistic career.
MF: First Blood as in Stallone?
SH K: Yes, Stallone.
MF: I would say they look more stoner than … Vietnam
veteran. That’s perhaps not a contradiction, though. Either
way, they have the stoner pallette, the stoner brushwork
and not to forget the stoner subjects.
SH K: An owl?

– From the interview Plantational Aesthetics by Matias Faldbakken

Torpedo Press

Rostockgata 28
0191, Oslo


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