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                                                       ...was founded in 2005, as a non-profit Bookshop and Publisher devoted to the promotion and production of artists' publications, art theory and critical readers. Torpedo organize discursive activities, exhibitions and events related to the process of publishing. 
Torpedo is run by Elin Maria Olaussen and Karen Christine Tandberg.

From 2013-18 we managed the Torpedo bookshop satellite at Kunstnernes Hus. Since 2017 we run the project space PUB and established a joint distribution plattform Nordic Art Press (NAP) together with Eller med a.

Torpedo is partly funded by Arts Council Norway and has recieved fundings from Fritt Ord, OCA, The City of Oslo, Vederlagsfondet, Nordic Culture Point, NORLA, Mondriaan Fund, The Norwegian Council General in New York, The Norwegian Embassy in London, Tokyo and Paris.


Innspill til Kulturrådet: Kunstbokformidlingen

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